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February 15, 2018


John Zinsmeister

As always it is a complete joy to see a new post by you. Thank you again for keeping us so well informed.


We need u back


Glad to see some new post :) We need more. Thanks


After traveling abroad for much of the past two years, I am back in the U.S. and depressed beyond belief to find myself in the current U.S. cultural and political milieu. I spent much of the weekend sorting out my library in my much-neglected house, and I reacquainted myself with volumes that have given me so much pleasure. It cheered me up, and reminded me that I first came across many of them on your blog. I'm sure the blog became a chore at some point, particularly as you moved on to authorship and parenthood. But it gave so much pleasure. And (with the archives) still does. I'm not writing to persuade you to re-start the blog (OK, a girl can hope--gay men have perfected the art of delusion), but if you have any recommendations for daily on-line sustenance, I'm (to mix my metaphors) all ears.

John Zinsmeister

Do you have any plans to reactivate this fantastic blog?

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