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July 12, 2014



Congratulations! Hope to read you again in the Fall.

K.M. Soehnlein

Stephen, wishing you and your loved ones all the best!


Stephen, congratulations to you! This is amazing. Thanks for your dedication to your blog and enjoy the time with your son!


Whoa! congrats man! I love this blog so much - the source of so much good reading material! I have appreciated all the hard work and dedication! Best of luck in this new step.

Thomas Condon

Congratulations. Enjoy your time with your son. I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog over the past few years. I hope you return. In the meantime, enjoy being a Dad. That is one lucky little boy and your are one lucky man.


Congratulations from a big fan of your blog. You've pointed me to a good number of great reads - thank you. I look forward to more when you can.


What great news! And how lucky he'll be, growing up surrounded by books!! Thank you for everything. (But I do hope you return! I'd miss too many books without your blog.)

Steven Cordova

Come back!

Garth Greenwell

Congrats, Stephen! Like everyone else, I'm so grateful for the blog, which has introduced me to so many books I love. I hope you enjoy your time away, and I hope very much you'll decide to come back in the fall!

Marvin Snow

This is very good news. Wishing you and your family every good fortune in the years to come. Congratulations!


I finally registered just so I could say congratulations! What happy news! Enjoy the daddy time, but please do come back at some point even if it's later than September. I love this blog!

Richard GRANT

Many congratulations Stephen ... enjoy being a dad to Theban - they're only young for such a short time! Like all your followers, I hope that you'll be back, so many good titles and introductions to new writers ... life would be so much poorer without the 'Band of Thebes'. Richard in the UK.


first, congratulations - what a lucky little man
this is my first comment after being a regular & devoted reader for years -
as others have written, I so appreciate and love this blog - so many terrific posts, the birthdays - the book recommendations! love it
please do come back -


First, congratulations to you and your family.
Second, I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!! Please consider returning.

steffan endres

Congratulations Dad, and thank you for all the fascinating posts on this important site!

Kergan Edwards-Stout

I am thrilled for you all! As I write this I'm at our youngest's 12th birthday at SkyZone Trampoline Park. You're in for one hell of a ride! Best wishes, Kergan

frank Regan

Wonderful news! Please come back.

Tim que

Selfishly I hope you come back...but I should say enjoy this experience...
The world just became a better place...
In Pride

Foster Corbin

Thank you for your blog. All the best with being a new dad.

Glenn I

Band of Thebes is a great resource - even if you never post to it again.

Give the kid a kiss!


Congratulations. :-)

I will miss your blog if it ends, but a baby is a huge responsibility.


Congratulations! I am sure your son will fill your days, but I hope there is room in them for you to continue the blog. I just discovered it today and I am hooked!


congratulations on the birth of your son. Parenting is a wonderful thing. Do keep the blog going if you can. You still need that intellectual outlet!


Congratulations! If you choose not to resume the blog, as it seems you have done, you've still done a lot of valuable work over the years, and that will still be here for people who will still need to see it. Thank you.


Oh how I check every day to see if you're resuming this great work.

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