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December 03, 2013



Yay! I wait for this list every year. Thank you, thank you Stephen for your good work all year long. Making a list right now (as I'm just about done with a dreadful look-at-me showoff memoir by a PBS producer we both know.) Band of Thebes keeps me and my reading happily on track.

Andrew C.

Yet another great list. It would be nice if the G.F. Green novel, The Power of Sergeant Streater, could get reissued. Perhaps NYRB with an introduction by Peter Cameron?

Glenn I

Let me add my appreciation. I'm looking forward to digging into this one. I've learned a lot from previous lists - and from this blog throughout the year! Happy Holidays!


Greetings from Tasmania, Australia and many thanks for another great year and I love being able to view the best of list and then researching all nominated. I wish you all the best.


Fantastic list yet again. Always a high point of the year. I would like to know, however, where on earth Peter Cameron got a hold of a copy of E.F. Green's The Power of Sergeant Streater. Did he spend $300 or $400 on it or did he finagle a copy by some other means?


I love this so much. Love your blog, love your syntheses, wish I had the ability to focus more time on reading.


As usual, a great and wide-ranging "list". Thank you all. Only wish it was also available as a real "list".

John Mulholland

Terrific list. Shame on me, must admit that I am unfamiliar with some of these on the list. So thanks for the leads on what I'm sure will be wonderful reading.

White Girls is a remarkable book. Hilton Als is a national treasure. Was especially enjoyable, when reading it on the subway, to see reactions from women.


I read two great books recently. The first was a love story about two college guys studying classics ending up in tragedy. Sad but sexy. It is called THE HELLESPONT. The second has gay and heterosexual themes and is set in Morocco, called MAGIC LOBSTERS AND FLYING TAGINES.

C. Bruce Aufhammer

Congratulations on your brand new Theben! May you both thrive. I read your blog every day, so I certainly hope you return in autumn. Thank you for all you've shared to this point in your blog's career.


I love reading books a lot. I will start reading these books.

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