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July 28, 2013



I went to UCLA with Colin and one of his brothers. Colin played Jack Worthing in a college production of 'The Importance of being Earnest'. He was a very, very good actor, with a tremendous sense of timing. There are moments from that series of performances that still live in my memory and make me laugh 45 or so years later.
I remember bumping into Colin one day outside Royce Hall. He was chuckling, and I asked what was so funny. He had written a scene with no home and was hoping to find a place to put it. It was the scene in which two sweet, grandmotherly old ladies playing Scrabble have a very polite argument as to whether mother-fucker counts as one word. It found its home in 'Foul Play'.
Years later, when I was studying Italian, he sent me the scrabble board they had used for a close up in the Italian language version.

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