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March 16, 2013



Sybille features prominantly in the first narrative (and my favorite) in Lisa Cohen's great book, Three Lives. In the Paris Review, Cohen writes about talking with Sybille about her life with Esther, who she was researching:

It was in New York that Sybille met and fell in love with Esther Murphy Arthur, the person she calls “E.” in her first book, A Visit to Don Otavio, the witty, dark blend of travelogue, history, and invention that was the result of their long trip to Mexico. . . . [E] was a “super-erudite” public intellectual and great talker, a native New Yorker steeped in European and American history and literature who counted Edmund Wilson, Janet Flanner, and Scott Fitzgerald among her closest friends. Her traces are mostly lost today, because she was a true eccentric who was never able to write the books she was expected to publish.

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