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January 08, 2013


Gary Carnivele

You make some great points. Vito Russo would be proud. This bio-pic illustrates the problem I have with most, if not all of the 'based on fact' films such as "Dark Zero Thirty,' "J. Edgar,""The Queen," "JFK," etc. There is no trusting Hollywood to get the facts straight when the marketing department is looking at the bottom line. "How will it play in Peoria" was old Hollywood's mantra and not much has changed, even in the New Hollywood which mostly originates at Sundance or with cable companies. Homo-sex is a huge problem for Hollywood and 'independent cinema,' which is more main-streamed with each passing year. Had Soderberg returned to the facts after his project wasn't green-lighted by Hollywood, it would be more valid. It's difficult to imagine this is a step forward for the representation of LGBT characters and their stories in American cinema.

James Janssen

Singer. Singer???

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