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August 02, 2012



"How am I supposed to write about sexual politics in the work of someone who insists this is her 'good friend'?" By writing about the sexual politics of the closet, of course. This is hardly a new problem; it used to be the norm, for Cthulhu's sake. I can probably save my time and not read the work of anyone who asks such a dumb question.


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I don't know if FB posts are generally considered public speech, but boy do I want to see this thread. The rumor has been around long enough to warrant "lovers" to pop up in the Google search bar when searching "Fran Lebowitz Toni Morrison" and they do seem to be out on the town a lot... We're never going to see any confirmation, but the gossip is fun, isn't it?

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Yup, signed up. Beautiful world...I'll keep you posted if I come up with anything.

More than GLBTQ

Toni and Fran couldn't be good friends possibly because they are brilliant and not about their sexuality, could it? But then, who wants to read a blog about brilliant people that doesn't involve sex. So dumb.

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