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August 31, 2012


Gary Carnivele

Please, remove Arnold Schwarzenegger from this list. His 'support' stopped when he vetoed a bill that would have given equal marriage rights to same-sex couples. It littles matter what he said before of after this action. He used the same lame argument Gov. Chris Cristy used: "The voters should decide." We allow the majority to decide the civil rights of the minority. That over-the-hill actor disgraced this state and we've been battling the anti marriage rights forces for years because of his action.


Gary: Arnold is one of the reasons I wrote "belatedly." Like Bill Clinton with DOMA --which he supported immediately, long before that veto-proof majority swelled--Arnold did enormous damage to gay marriage when he had power, then later came crawling back hoping to get on the right side for posterity. Despicable. But my post is accurate to say he is currently a supporter of gay marriage.


Koch gave 109 Million to the State Theater at Lincoln Center, the home of CIty Ballet where his wife is on the board. The building is now named the David H. Koch Theater.

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Watch the haters parade for the next number of news cycles if you like, but I'm saying it's OUTSTANDING to see the Leadership Courage demonstrated by our Prez, shining in integrity. Ok, I'm almost ready to write a check...

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