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July 31, 2012



Oh, just more and more Catholic officials here in the Bay State who think they're above the law. Including Cardinal Law himself. Yes, discrimination and lawbreaking have become commonplace within Mother Church here and elsewhere. But my favorite bit of background is this: Oakhurst, the property in question, is perhaps best known locally as the former House of Affirmation, a treatment home for pedophile priests, which closed amid scandal in the late 1980s.

Kergan Edwards-Stout

I'm sitting here in Orange County, CA, shivering, thinking how if we could sell our little home, we could easily take over that mansion and still have funds for renovation. Oh, if this housing market ever turns around!

Charlotte Boyle

We cannot hide the fact that there people who are afraid of anything in this world. Even ourselves are afraid of something that are just so small. But when we go near it, w become the numbest.

David Hudson

Let us respect each other opinion.

Natasha Holcomb

I cannot blame the catholic officials for doing this. They just want to protect its people so is the house where people worship God. We should not meddle on their problem anymore.

Jury Minks

Is it really in their right to discriminate? This a a very sensitive topic, and i believe the church has no right to discriminate like that. They should first clean their own image before they start judging others

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