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July 23, 2012


Elliott Mackle

Closeted, silent and career-minded. A bad example for young people. "Didn't like labels," my ass. A flawed hero at best.


Yeah, may she rest in peace, but fuck her.


You two are out of your minds. The real struggle for gay rights and equality is to make a person's LGBT status insignificant. You really want to demonize a woman for choosing to live her life privately with her partner and for being career driven?


Dear respect: we are a long way from status insignificance, and as much as I'd like to relegate the most private aspect of my life moot and beside the point, I cannot so long as people, politics and power want to legislate me out of existance. Are you living under a rock? Sally Ride could not in life justifiably court celebrity and at the same time deny a fundamental fact about her life that would impact significantly the perception of gay people by both gays and straights. In a perfect world, yes. I don't know about you, but I don't inhabit a perfect world. In my opinion, we are obliged to change perceptions, one voice at a time. You're correct in one sense: it was her decision to remain closeted. But her silence bespeaks shame, not modesty.


We both want the same thing in the end, I just think there is a direct way and a subtle way and Sally choose the subtle way due to her unique situation. She was a profound example of how gays are everywhere in our society, and gay people are simply just people. She devoted the second half of her life to science education and unfortunately science books written by lesbians being used in public schools is a direct call to arms for a segment of our population. This is my guess for why she stayed closeted. A prestigious astronaut leading science advancement programs would quickly change to a lesbian corrupting youth in public schools. And though I believe she could have powered through that, it undoubtably would have set her whole organization back. The anti-gay lobbies are too strong. Which brings me to my perfect world, where if an American citizen does not believe in equal rights for all American citizens, then his citizenship is revoked and he gets deported.

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Yeah, may she rest in peace, but fuck her.


Previously we have been witnessed a number of lesbian around the world but first lesbian in the space "Sally Ride" who will be remembered as the first women reaching space, as today she is not among us but her stories and experience were sharing in all over the world.

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