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April 11, 2012



I found it interesting how for the most part, although they are both telling the same story, both Sachs and Clegg make sure to tell THEIR side of it and not too heavily involve the other in their narrative. The one moment of cross over in both stories is the hand holding with the hooker.

I have read Clegg's books, Galassi's book, and tonight I saw Sachs' film and after having spent two weeks living these people's lives, I am really glad to be finished and to be able to walk away.

So many thoughts came up, the meaning of life, our interactions with our selves and with others, our insecurities and how we hide them and what we sacrifice along the way. Shame and guilt, and is shame selfish, and how to accept the past and move on, and how to learn from our mistakes and how to make better decisions.

Deep in thought for two weeks, and as I said, I am ready for a release. I head about Galassi's book from this blog and have referred many people to this post recently. Thanks much.

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