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March 07, 2012


DJ Young

Adam Mars-Jones and the publisher of this commentary did themselves a great disservice. No such 'review' could be taken seriously when the 'reviewer' not only knows the subject, but clearly has a problem with her on a personal level. His writing is full of undisguised sneer and even a little bile. The bias is unnerving - no proper review should include the writer's personal opinion of the author's 'character.' It was in very poor taste and should never have been given the distinction of a 'review.' If he wants to write a tell-all, that's one thing - but this was over the line and completely unprofessional.


Thank you, Stephen. Just finished it this morning. What a read. What a ride. I know of no other writer who is so satisfying and provocative. She makes me want to think, then to write. Her observations about love and what happens to people without it made me cry at one point. A good cry. I also love how she's not ashamed of her anger and her madness, never coy, never predictable. Love her or hate her. I love her.


I've got it in my hot little hand right at this moment. Yeah, I'm typing with one hand.

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