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January 16, 2012



Unfortunately, from what I've read of the literature, queer theory and its offshoots end up embodying their own dreaded either/or "biarisms" or break upon the rocks of Butlerean/Sedgwickean incoherence. Or worse, are unitentionally parodic of themselves. Spend much time in the Castro or Chelsea in the past 30 or 40 years? You want to talk conformity?

Does anyone really recall without a shudder the backrooms of old? I had thought we came out into the light of day in order to escape the consignment to such venues. It's not unlike Rosa Parks saying, "But I like riding in the back of the bus."

I suppose everyone sees themselves as some sort of non-conforming performance artist today. Questin Crisp once quipped that fancy dress has become the norm. But then, it's not fancy dress any more.

Be yourself I say. Not an easy task. Read your Emerson and Whitman, not this drek.


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