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December 30, 2011



Good point.


Agreed. Because if tasteless, offensive (both highly subjective) and stereotyping humor is grounds for censorship, gay men would be in a heap of trouble. Every gay male neighborhood would have to be shut down; every gay male publication and most low-budget gay male movies would be hauled before the courts.


As usual, sir, you are right on the money.

karen in kalifornia

The calendar has not been censored (no change or editing to it's offensive content). There was a market protest against it being sold in the public market. Good. I'm glad this happened like this. Did you want a calendar using the "n" word etc?


Yes, I do. (Do you have any idea how much hip-hop music available on Amazon contains the "n-word", just for starters?) Would you want Amazon to remove GLBTQ material if people complained about "it's offensive content"?

If you want to appeal to the "public market," remember that the appropriate free-market response to "offensive" material is not to buy it, not to demand that it not be sold. This calendar is, yes, tacky, stereotyped, and unimaginative. I'm not offended by it, though. But as I already wrote, if people are entitled to demand that material that offends them not be sold, then I've got a long list of gay male and lesbian material that offends me far more than this calendar does. And while I'm on the subject, your comment offends me. I demand that it be removed! That's a market protest!

Dean Van de Motter

Censorship is un-American.

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