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October 12, 2011



I like that. "I support gay marriage because I am a Conservative." That never really works here. Most conservatives here in the US only support us if we're eunuchs.


That was such nice words from him, I guess that was an interesting conversation.

Gavin Plumley

I can see that Cameron's comment looks hugely brave. But when the previous Labour government became intent on pushing through the Civil Partnership legislation, most of Cameron's current cabinet tried to block it with 'no' votes. The same is true of their response to Section 28.

What Cameron now proposes is that we get rid of the term Civil Partnership and call everything marriage. It's a nice move, but it's cosmetic. The UK has thoughts rights already and they are there in spite of everything to Tories tried to do to block it. People change, for certain, and I'm thrilled Cameron has in particular, because it sends out the right message to the UK and the world. But he's no gay rights hero.

Gavin Plumley

And now the party has formed an even more reactionary flank and said that by calling it 'gay marriage' it threatens the sanctity of the heterosexual union. The Conservatives don't change.

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