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September 19, 2011



"De-educated population" concerned with trivial issues. I'll say. I have a friend who thinks there is no outcry because so many people are medicated these days. And while I have to say that I hear a lot of talk (from this sparkling, admirable and smart-mouthed trio among others), I don't see me much action. I am heartened, however, by my activist friend Michael Bronski, who asks not WWJD? But instead always wonders WWEGD? (What would Emma Goldman do?) I'm afraid even the fiery Ms. G might be quietly neutralized now as she was (eventually) then. This child of the Sixties mourns the days of real protest.

Skye Winspur

This child of the Eighties would like to remind Ms. Lebowitz and other embittered baby boomers that real protest is still happening. It's what got Don't Ask Don't Tell repealed before you all died.

Arthur Durkee

Bread and circuses while Rome burns.

That's pretty much the way the media covers it, yeah.

I too mourn the lack of real protest. I also have said for some time that the main reason that LGBT activism is so lame these days is that most of the real radicals were killed off, mostly by AIDS, and most of the activism left is less radical. I mean, really—gay marriage is THE most important issue on our plates? Not hardly. There are FAR more pressing concerns. But it goes to show that the more conservative among gays, those who survived AIDS, have a much bigger voice BECAUSE they survived. So, with no offense intended to the activists of the 80s, "real protest" still needs to be a lot more than it is.

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