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August 10, 2011



I loved these books as a child and had no idea there was a movie - thanks!

A. Cort Sinnes

Clicking through to your site today brought a bit of serendipity, as I read "Fair Play" straight through in one sitting last night. The book was still very much on my mind this morning when, all of a sudden, there was Tove's pleasant face looking back at me from the computer! Before going to sleep last night, I thought about which I liked better, "Fair Play" or "The Summer Book," finally deciding that both are in a category of their own. In subtle, yet profound ways, I think both have the potential to be life-changing works. And you're right, Tove's website is not only beautiful, but well laid out, revealing, and informative. Many thanks for steering this reader in Tove's direction!


OMG! I'm so sad that I missed her birthday. I loved the Moomintroll books as a child and I love them even more now! I'm currently reading Fair Play and though I think that Fair Play, The Summer Book and The True Deceiver are of equal quality, I think that The True Deceiver is my favorite book of hers that NYRB has released. Thank you for this!

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