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July 30, 2011


dara woodlock

cann't believe nobody has said anything about these fantastic women it's a disgrace. let us tell the world about these heros god bless them

Kevin Disalmo

These two rock, I mean seriously ROCK. I don't care if they're Martians what they did was above and beyond most people's comprehension.


Don't see why the lesbian title was needed. Either way they are an inspiration. And they deserve all the respect they get. Well done girls, Every one should be proud of you.


Heros indeed......no need to mention their sexuality....irrelevant to most I am sure.

La exorsister

I'd say visibility is a good thing, but in this story I don't think that pointing out that those women were lesbians or married should be important. Above all, they are two persons, who acted bravely in a decisory moment. Thats the point.

So, in the news, there is no need to hide their marital status, but is just secondary information, not the topic.

However, I find it very sad that the media may hide this story just because of the sexuality issue.


Cool story about people doing what people should. Their sexuality should have no bearing on their bravery. They just happen to be lesbians who did the right thing, the right thing was not done, as suggested by the writer, because of it. The overtly biased writer just assumes, also, that all gun owners are far-right, hatefilled and antigay. That's just as bad to paint all gun owners in that light as it is to paint all homosexuals as diseased, and immoral. Disappointing.


I don't understand why the AP never picked up on this story, I guess you have to be a stereotypical hero to be newsworthy. Thanks and congatulations ladies, there are those of us who appreciate your brave efforts!!!


Brave indeed, and to be praised for their heroic actions, but bravery has *nothing* to do with sexuality! What sort of people are we that probe their sexuality and hold it up as a banner in the aftermath of such a horrible event as mass murder. Whoever highlights their sexuality in this context should hang their heads in shame.


Wow why wasn't this story featured prominently? All the major news companies love a "in the midst of disaster, a miracle happened" angle on their coverage, so why not feature this?

Sadly, it's probably because they're lesbians. FOX I get - they're bigots, plain and simple. CNN and the like? Shame. Stories like this are needed to show the ridiculous amount of homophobes that still exist in the "developed" USA that gay people aren't immoral and depraved.

They're human.

Adrian Spear

True heroines although I'm sure they could give 2 hoots about the media. They can live their lives in the knowledge that as a result of their bravery 40 other people also get to do the same. I salute you!

Sarah Bacon

Apparently only straight firemen can be 'first responders' in a terrorist situation. ;-)

Nothing less than I'd expect from two fine brave human beings [irrespective of their sexuality] but it just slays me that only the pink press [I counted NINE articles via Googlesearch] are reporting this story.

Sigh. Still so far to go.


Why wasn't this covered? Sexual identity has nothing to do with it, these two women are heroes, absolute heroes.


Who cares if they are a lesbian couple!!!! They people that did the right thing. Please stop trying to make everything about sexuality. How Sad...

Glyn Lucas

Brave ladies who we are very thankful for. But what a STUPID article - this has nothing to do with the gay issue. How patronizing and belittling to the actions of caring people

Joey Boots NYC

Bravo....they both deserve a cape with a big SL on it!


I think the point of the article is to illustrate why the story wasn't picked up. Namely because they are lesbian. That's just wrong. These women should've been lauded for their actions regardless.


To two heroic women: thank you for your courage.

To the rest of the world, and my fellow Americans in particular: as a couple, what a shame it is that their sexuality garners any more interest than the color of their hair.


Seriously, does no one except that one commenter above realize that the "Did they run and hide? No, they're lesbians" line is intended to be humorous? Honestly people...

This is a great article drawing attention to two amazing people.

Gordon McMillan

Thank you ladies. Your courage under the most extreme circumstances is inspirational.

Yvonne Maclean

I agree, these women should be recognised for their bravery...their sexuality has nothing whatsoever to do with it..WELL DONE Ladies...for your quick thinking and bravery...the very fact that their sexuality is even mentioned is just ignorance...terrible..WELL DONE and Thankyou on behalf of all humanity..


I don't think it was kept out of the media because they are gay. Noone would care...they would just say 'how heroic!!'

If anything the US has been obsessing over whether we will spend ourselves into oblivion on non mathmatical liberal policies...as other countries have, or not. (Although we were of course horribly saddened to hear of the terrible massacre.) Many of us were however upset that left leaning media kept headlining the shooter as a christian, when he is not. You are not christian by default of not being another religion...you are a christian when you follow the teachings of christ...who trust me does not teach people to go out and mow down a camp full of people.

It did cross our minds at our house...that perhaps without an antigun policy...a security person or a hunter could have taken the man out. Anti gun policies only keep them from the hands of the law abiding...not from the hands of the bad guys. It is utopian to think otherwise.

Much love to the heroic ladies...I hope I'd have done the same...I was a lifeguard when young...some people help...some people panic...that is the way people are. God bless them for putting themselves in the fray for others.


I agree, these two are heroes! They saved FORTY terrified young people. They deserve the recognition. It is unfortunate that we are so worked up over who someone loves.


I celebrate their bravery and compassion as human beings. Why does their sexual orientation have to be part of the story?



William Donaway

Thanks for a great, albeit too brief, article! As for all the grumblers making comments about their sexual orientation being brought up, it appears to me this is an LGBT issues blog. The writer is merely writing to the target audience. If it really bothers someone so much I think they should contemplate on what is really bothering them.

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