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July 30, 2011



Your comment - "Did they run and hind? No, they're lesbians" - is kind of a negative comment about heterosexual women, implying that only lesbian women would have had the courage to go out and help.

Sometimes, in an effort to be positive, writers miss/ignore the underlying negative connotations of what they write....


In Mark 12:31 Jesus said "Love Your neighbor as Yourself" This is exactly what these two brave Women did, above and beyond what most would do!An Absolutely awesome and selfless act of bravery and love!


I posted this on my FB page
As a bisexual woman I am still shocked at the silence from the worlds media to the bravery of these womenm they saved 40 lives for f**ks sake
hugs and love to them both


How brave, i am sure that Norway is proud of you. I have total admiration for you.

Alfred Nobile

Well done ladies.

helen mackenzie

those woman deserve a bloody medal how dare they keep it quite just because they are gay i have never hear of such bravery in my life they are true hero's
AND IT SHOULD BE SHOUTED OUT LOUD ............. LET PEOPLE KNOW ..................


This is news...I hope that their country had recognized them formally and that steps will be taken to adopt health and safety training for as many citizens as possible. What a frightening tragedy. Bless these to brave souls.

Jane Barratt

I've only just seen this. Bravery first!

Melissa Budasz

What amazing indivduals these women are. Brave, compassionate and fearless. Their heroism needs to be celebrated and acknowledged.

Charles Allan

Mentioning that the two women are lesbian IS critical to the story. No, not that bravery and heroism are defined by sexuality, but because the IGNORING of bravery and heroism seems to be permissible according to sexuality.

Why is it that the story does not appear in the North America MSM? Did they really miss such a story of bravery and heroism or did they decide to ignore it? If the latter, WHY? If the former, HOW did they manage to do that? Curious.....

One can bet anything that had a couple lesbians acted improperly regarding even 1 of the endangered teens, it would still be in the headlines. But rescue 40? No not good enough to make the news.

It is that standard of "fair" reporting in the MSM that makes it imperative that sexuality be part of the story.

top rated gay sites

This news was allover the top rated gay sites. These two women can be considered heroes but unfortunately because they are gay I'm sure this news will be forgotten in a short period.
You're right Anders, their sexual orientation shouldn't matter at all.


Amazing, selfless response to a horrific event.


I agree with Scarlettwith2ts.
They were very brave women and they saved so many lives.
But it had nothing to do with their sexual orientation.
It all came down to pure bravery and determination.


WOW! I`m norwegian, and been following our news closely. Tove Jansson and her girlfriend is truly heroes, and so is many others that helped the kids that day. Belive it or not, this is the first time I`m made aware that these lovely ladies are lesbians.

Why is this relevant to the story in any way?? Get a grip america!


what does lesbianism or marriage have to do with it?


To those who think it doesn't matter to mention that they are lesbians: the author clearly points out that the mainstream media in the States has been largely silent about them *at all*... also pointed out that we usually go batshit-sensationalist over hero stories! I feel that sentiment though I don't watch TV it usually makes a very desirable news piece. Awareness is thus raised (because we need it here in the U.S. and other western nations... this is self-evident on many levels) that lesbians and gays are not possessed by the Devil, as so many would believe, but rather are capable of compassion and great acts of bravery. It's not a silly pointless article. It's refreshing.

Kathleen Keith

These women are amazing and should be celebrated. It's pathetic that recognition was absent for their heroic efforts presumably for their love of each other. I hope the parents of these kids at least shine the light on them. Media spends hours and valuable air time talking about whacko loser US Senate candidate/politician Christine O'Donnell, who was promoting her new book. All the attention comes because she walks off a CNN talk show because she was asked about her views on gay marriage...and she then claims sexual harassment by the host!! Our values are all screwed up and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Brava Hege and Toril!


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The mainstream U.S. media, which loves a hero story almost as much as a tragedy, has been uniformly silent about the lesbian superstars.

慧 李

Absolutely wonderful! Sad though that their sexual preferences should even matter.

Bruce Lee

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Lovely post regarding Hege Toril

Jobs Steve

You're absolutely correct that the sexual preference of the women is completely secondary to the fact that they performed an act of heroism.http://www.playerassist.com/dragonnest/ The commenters here aren't saying, "these women are heroes because lesbians are just plain more AWESOME than straight women!" They're saying that this story is just one more piece of proof that one's sexual preference really DOESN'T matter when it comes to their worth as human beings.

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