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June 22, 2011



Did he really use "Andrew Sullivan" and "masterpiece" in the same sentence? I haven't seen it but some of what I've read makes it sound like Bronski's book might be a bit of a mess. What I resent is the ideaological stance of Hari and the ungainly assumptions he makes regarding political and cultural assimilation. Twit.

Arthur Durkee


Here's what I feel is a relevant quote from an essay in the NYTimes about same-sex marriage. I think calling my experience as a gay man "trivial and meaningless" because I'm supposed to be just like the straights not only misses the point, it is utter BS. And here's one reason why:

"What’s difficult to explain is that for some lesbians and gay men, having our relationships sanctioned and regulated by the state is hardly something to celebrate. It was only a few years ago that we were criminals in the eyes of the law simply because of whom we loved. As strangers to marriage for so long, we’ve created loving and committed forms of family, care and attachment that far exceed, and often improve on, the narrow legal definition of marriage. Many of us are not ready to abandon those nonmarital ways of loving once we can legally marry.

Of course, lots of same-sex couples will want to marry as soon as they are allowed to, and we will congratulate them when they do even if we ourselves choose not to. But we shouldn’t be forced to marry to keep the benefits we now have, to earn and keep the respect of our friends and family, and to be seen as good citizens."

supra for boy

Liked you on Facebook, too. =)

Ian Jehle

I am sympathetic to both sides of this debate. As an artist, it is unquestionable in my mind, that being gay gives a different sensibility. David Hockney could not be straight any more than Mike Kelly could have been gay. At the same time, Mr. Bronski's vision of otherness is far too rigid (and for some strange reason always seems to resemble disco-era New York.) Not every gay person is interested in free-sex or gender non-conformity. Hockney's paintings of Peter Schlesinger weren't, yet they are some of the most strikingly gay images ever made.

I'm waiting for the great novel or play or movie on this subject to be written. To my mind, the true site of the this debate is in the mind of each individual gay person. How we reconcile (or don't reconcile) that debate is what makes things interesting.

Ian Jehle

Uggh, I typed "thebes gay" into google and this is the first page that came up - which is 2 years old. That's embarrassing.

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