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February 01, 2011



Be assured that it was Dustin Lance Black who degayed it - in order to go mainstream Hollywood and make the big bucks.

Elliott Mackle

My family owned the Key Biscayne Hotel and Villas, a luxury hideaway in Miami, and at various times hosted the Nixons as well as Hoover and Tolson. This proved to be a blessing when one of my cousins was kidnapped, buried alive and held for ransom. Hoover moved fast, made her rescue his number one priority and she was found and returned. The personal connection certainly mattered but also the discretion and privacy that the KB provided. As I recall, Hoover and Tolson stayed together in one of our villas numerous times. The fact that they were a couple was simply accepted and not mentioned - any more than that Nixon and Bebe Rebozo were NOT a couple but close friends. Black and Eastwood seem to be following Hoover's script, honoring the code of silence that also protected such womanizing rascals as the Kennedys.

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Clint Eastwood is an American film actor, director, producer, and composer.And I like his acting and direction very much. When he was young he looked so dashing. Well this one is great information about the Clint.


Dustin Lance Black, and ultimately Eastwood, may reveal a private moment between J. Edgar Hoover and his partner Clyde Tolson. If so, and without further context, this is a weak sideshow compared to the thousands of gay lives ruined and careers extinguished under Hoover's orders, investigations and collaborations with four Presidents. For Black to worry about "stereotyping" J. Edgar Hoover on the gay issue is really funny. This pathologically closeted G-man heaped vast obloquy and injustice on any gay or suspected-gay American who dared cross him, including Hollywood's own Jack Valenti.


I was sad to read this and especially so if Alex is correct.


Eastwood is not interested in reality but in idealized versions of it. Do you expect something unorthodox from him? He's a right-wing patriot. The full panoply of Hoover's character is not what he'd ever depict.

saw see

Eastwood's been delivering skilfully demoralizing POST American
work for decades now. His 'latest' Hoover and 'Star is Born' retreads
confirm this pattern.

Eastwood himself, a Korea era draftee who got out of going to Korea,
has BALKED the 20th --30th --40th --50th and now 60th Anniversaries
of the urgently relevant

--------------------------KOREAN WAR----------------------------

AS MILLIONS continue to suffer and die this cold winter,
it seems Eastwood himself is at least as creepy as Hoover ever was. . .

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