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January 02, 2011



I love Jason Osmanski's mother's remark. Love it.


Small detail correction: The character in Ebershoff's book was a lost boy from the polygamist fundamentalist communities of southern Utah and northern Arizona. Those are homophobic cultures, to be sure; but they are significantly different from the kind of corporate, institutional, bureaucratic, and monied anti-gay policies that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (i.e., the mainstream, dominant form of Mormonism) exerts on its members. The history of the polygamist communities is linked to the history of the Church in Salt Lake City, but they dynamics of growing up in one or the other are starkly different (although both severely homophobic and/or heteronormative). For those of us who grew up in and escaped the mainstream LDS church, it does us no good to have our experiences falsely compared to the fundamentalists, and helps no one in the political struggle against the Church's exertion of power within the State of Utah (incidentally, often against the fundamentalists, as well, because the church is scared to death of its own polygamist past).

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