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January 24, 2011



There may have been no sign at the Antinoeion, but there's plenty more info here at a website (helmed by a committed friend) that ministers to the cult of Antinous: http://www.antinopolis.org/

As it says, "Our Religion is Devoted to the Restoration Of the Ancient Roman Cult of Antinous the Gay God. Veneration of Antinous is open to all." There's even a temple for said veneration in Hollywood.

George Gardiner

Readers of Band of Thebes may be interested in the recent 2010 novel based on the Hadrian/Antinous relationship titled "THE HADRIAN ENIGMA: A Forbidden History". The novel recently shared a 3-way win as Best Gay Historical Novel in December's 2010 Rainbow Awards.

It is available at Amazon in 500-page paperback & Kindle formats, or the Apple iBookstore for iPad download. Other details are at the "Romance Review" website at http://MmRomanceNovels.blogspot.com

George Gardiner

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