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November 30, 2010


Michael Zam

Some may think I'm biased, but I also had the opportunity to read Bob Smith's upcoming REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS I FORGOT -- and Christopher Bram couldn't be more right: it's one of the smartest, funniest and, ultimately, moving books I've read in many years. I also have to praise everyone who chose David McConnell's THE SILVER HEARTED, a dazzling novel that does justice to the most beautiful book cover of the year.


A little bow of gracias for the work you did (and do!) to round up so many writers for this great list of reads. Wonderful!

Glenn Rosenblum

I've never met Christopher Bram, but I like him already.
Bob Smith's upcoming REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS I FORGOT, is possibly one of the most moving books I've read. Ever. Period.
Never sappy, never sentimental. Just a beautiful story, honestly told. I was so honored to get an advance copy. And one more thing.....someone better snatch this up for a film pronto. It has indie Oscars oozing from its pores! Biased? Nope. If I thought Bob stunk, I'd tell him! And he knows that too. Bravo Bob!






How did so many people read this Bob Smith book if Amazon says it's not due out for months???

K.G. Schneider

Terrific list! Absolutely agree on Soehnlein and Ivan Coyote. Bookmarking this page. (Note: both references to Bob Smith's book hint they read it pre-pub, which explains the question above.)

Dean Van de Motter

Did I miss it or is Armistead Maupin's new book, Mary Ann in Autumn NOT on this list?
Maybe authors are just slow readers.


Wow - this is fantastic! I certainly have some reading to catch up on.

SF Sex Toy

Totally love, love, love Lucy Jane Bledsoe...

Dan Iddings

Did I miss something? I thought this was a list of best books published in 2010. If that's the case why is The Romanian on the list? Not that it isn't a good read (I highly recommend it) but my paperback edition came out in 2006.

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

What a great list -- to be honest, I haven't even heard of half of these books, so I have lots of reading to do!

Ray Barber

Any chance of you doing a best of the best list. This list is a little long for a small public library. Anyd what about children's and ya titles.


Cool! Wow really terrific! This is so amazing I love it!


Incredible list here for me to start reading from! I agree with Missed Her on this list - one of my favorite reads of the year for sure.

Charles Francis

So glad that Max Schaefer (above) voted for "Heart in Exile" by Rodney Garland, a homo-fifties pseudonym for Adam Martin de Hegedus. Acting on Schaefer's recommendtion, I was able to find a copy of this time machine into the post-World War II gay world in London. It is an amazing trip into the obsession of upper class English "inverts" with the working class "toughs" they love----from "invert" pubs to Parliament to a really funny "underworld" cocktail party. The sad part of this time-travel is seeing how homosexual novelists of the Fifties and Sixties would write these books for gay readers and, at the same time, tell them how sick and sad and doomed they were. This is almost ten years before gay Brian Epstein took another "tough" to London, John Lennon, who upended this sad, trapped world.


Thanks, I'm bookmarking this page. About a week ago I listed some of my favorite books and asked for suggestions. I got many, but this will be great to have on hand.

SF Sex Toy

Kari by Amruta Patil rocked.


its my fave book

kiralık devremülkler

thank you. i love to read this type of information posts. again thank you...

E. David

Thanks for elevating me into the 21st Century! I've got a lot of reading to catch up!


I purchased My Queer War based on recommendations read here. I want my money back. It is the worst-written piece of crap I've ever encountered. Thank you.

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A great and an awesome list of books, I need those books in my book shelf, very keen to read those as soon as possible!

sports good

I got many, but this will be great to have on hand....This is almost ten years before gay Brian Epstein took another "tough" to London, John Lennon, who upended this sad, trapped world... this is fantastic! I certainly have some reading to catch up on...thanks for the post..

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