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September 13, 2010


karen in kalifornia

Gay? Don't tell me there are gay people out there, let alone gay LDS folks. Can't be.

Ripley Hotch

Completely degayed. Completely. And the story was butchered. I know it couldn't have been done exactly as the book with all its complexities. But, really, to change the ending so utterly was just wrong.

Charles Francis

It will be very interesting to see if David Ebershoff steps forward on this. I can understand why he would remain silent, since he works in the publishing industry and would be reluctant to play the role of an "aggrieved writer/activist". He wears multiple hats. But in his soul, it must be a truly searing experience to see his character, openly gay Jordan Scott , be part of something so compromised and degayed. Jordan Scott is a gay Huck Finn, with some Holden Caulfield in him. Jordan is a great invention, and this is a real shame. When will Ebbershoff speak on this?

Ripley Hotch

Actually, he told AfterElton that he had no role in the film and when he found out what happened, he was "offended, disappointed, and baffled." Sort of like what happened to my grandfather who wrote "They Died With Their Boots On"--primarily about John Wesley Harding, the outlaw. Hollywood bought it, and he was told Errol Flynn would be in the movie. He was, but it was about Custer's Last Stand. Do not look to Hollywood for good sense in adaptations.


That's horrible they took out everything gay. I really hate when those things happen. If you want to support the actual BOOK and AUTHOR, check out this auction...it's for a "marked up copy" of book. David goes through and writes notes in the book giving the reader of a one of a kind, director's cut version of the story. All money goes to a great cause.


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