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August 16, 2010



Love this. Thank you.
Where would we be with Band of Thebes?

I was in Catholic schools K-12, then 4 years of a Catholic college, one year of Catholic graduate school, then I taught in a Catholic high school for three years. And what do I have to show for it? Good handwriting; I can name all the saints in paintings in Italian churches; experiences that put all the scandalous headlines of the past few decades into context (I'll tell you on some snowy evening in front of the fire); a completely screwed up sense of right and wrong. I'm working to change the last of those items, mainly by watching Almodovar films over and over again. I get much more out of that activity than I ever did in any confessional. So there.


Where would we be without Band of Thebes?
Of course.

Lucy Jane Bledsoe

Brilliant. Thanks. Love the line, "You could change your own powerlessness into power."

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