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May 17, 2010



I don't understand. What is there to disagree with in Charles' statement? They used the gay marriage issue to win elections over and over. How much lower can you get than to tramp on someone's civil right for political gain? Makes you wonder what she is using it for today?

Bob Smith

Charles is right. Moral courage requires every one to stand up for their beliefs and for their friends. Laura Bush failed to do that.


Laura Bush's concept of a First Lady's role is not the same as Hillary Clinton's or Michelle Obama's. It's as simple as that. In her view, she was not a public figure, and her personal view didn't count. Now, I suppose, she just wants to make some money for her and her dumb-ass husband's old age. In her more contemplative moods, she probably wonders why WE were so stupid as to re-elect that "dumb-ass husband" whom she probably can barely tolerate.

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