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April 02, 2010



A google search for homsexuality, sheep and USDA gave me 160,000 hits. About 8 percent of rams prefer other rams. In good USDA fashion, we want to know why and much research has been done. Differences in the brains of gay and straight rams can be detected before birth. What does that tell you?

George Gardiner

Perhaps as important for the layperson is Joan Roughgarden's (Professor of Biological Sciences, Stanford Uni) EVOLUTION'S RAINBOW. It's subtitle is: Why Darwin was wrong about sexual selection).

Published by the Uni of California in 2004 & 2009, Roughgarden's work looks at "diversity, gender,and sexuality in nature and people". She looks at the range of sexual behaviors in animals, especially homosexuality among a huge range of creatures not usually evident.

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