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March 13, 2010


Sean Thompson

Do they understand English?


English and Chichewa are the official languages of Malawi.

Paul Schappaugh

I'm passing this along! These are brave young men indeed.

Joshua Goldstein

I just passed this along to my friends and family. My thoughts are with them.

Jhon Centurri

Yes, they understand English. The article clearly states that ENGLISH is the official language in Malawi.


Totally my fault. I updated this post with the language information after Sean's useful question. Apologies to all for the confusion. Hope you're sending some mail.


My boyfriend and i got 100 postcards and addressed And stamped them. We spent The Day in Dolores park in san Francisco collecting notes of support. We aré going to mIl them on monday.


Please get people to join this FaceBook group



Gay couple? Why are they in handcuff? Hmm i don't get it..

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