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January 07, 2010



I was disappointed with the review in last Sunday's Times. Anne Tyler is one of my favorites. Just human. Some expect more.


Did you really drive 164 miles, take the pictures, read the book and write the review in less than 48 hours? That effort beats the marathon!


Thanks for this post. I have to admit I have never read Anne Tyler. I guess I am part of the Pandora crowd you mention?

I did read the NY Times review and did not like it.

I'm going to pick a couple of the Tyler classics you mention and add them to my winter reading list.


Thanks for this post. Ms. Tyler is the best! Which we've discussed before. Dinner at the Homesick is still my favorite. You really can't lose with her. If some books don't measure up to her best (all that you mention, though I loved Searching for Caleb and The Clock Winder too), they are still worth every minute. Her writing is shear pleasure.

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