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October 09, 2009



Thanks for sharing this.

I wish I could be there on Sunday. Can't wait to hear what goes on.


Damn straight. How ludicrous is it for pols to tell their constituents to simmer down because only cool heads get anything done in politics when they're in the middle of spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours trying to convince the U.S. pop that a bunch of yowling middle-aged middle-schoolers aren't to be listened to? I have great respect for Mr. Franks but lets face facts; no one in this country gave a damn about homosexuals until the stonewall riots. The Civil Rights movements for straight women and African-Americans didn't succeed because they sat down and behaved; they succeed because, through peaceable, civil disobedience, they made themselves too annoying to ignore.

I wonder how D.C. would continue to function if all the LGBTs in that city just said "Fuck It!" and went on strike.

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