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June 17, 2009


Reggie H

I've added my suggestions in the Post's "Comments" section under the transcript of the discussion. "Lord Dismiss Us" indeed!

Philip F. Clark

TAKE THAT! You dribble Drabbelle. At least someone is catching these foolish guillotinistes!

Cynthia Dunn

Sad and pathetic.

Neil Plakcy

Thanks for mentioning me in such illustrious company! Seems like Dennis Drabelle needs a lesson in contemporary fiction; there are more "storylines" than coming out today.


Karin Kallmaker

Not only ignorant but self-fulfilling prophecy. By all means, send eager readers to used titles and rest assured there will be no new gay books!

Sandal Birkenstock

How about checking out these authors for some new work:
Mavis Applewater
Kate Sweeney
Nell Stark
Karin Kallmaker
Lori Lake
KG McGregor
Val Brown
Robin Alexander
or better yet because the list goes on:
Blue Feather Books
Intaglio Publications
Bella Books
Spinsters Ink
Regal Crest
Lambda Literary
small independent bookstores
gay and lesbian bookstores of which there are many
There are many more out there with a little bit of research one can find more than a "coming out" story.
(sorry I can't mention everyone the list is just too long, it was not meant as a slight to any of the fine authors out there writing wonderful gay and lesbian themed books).

Sandal Birkenstock

Just a few more authors putting out "New" work recently:
Gabrielle Goldsby
Susan X Meagher
Lee Lynch
Georgia Beers
Brenda Adcock
Ruth Perkinson
Catherine Friend
name correction from earlier post: KG MacGregor
KD Badger
Blayne Cooper
Erin Dutton
Lisa Girolami
Arleen Williams

The books are out there folks, go forth and buy, read and comment.

Cynthia Dunn

Wow. Thanks for listing all those authors and publishers.

Gabriel Villada

This is just amazing! Thanks for reporting it.
By the way, in what sense is Tom Rob Smith a gay author?

Band of Thebes

Tom Rob Smith is gay and out. Google yields many interviews in which he discusses it, such as:


Tom Rob Smith was photographed in London for the Out 100 last year, sharing a photo with Dustin Lance Black. The link is here:


And what of Edmund White, the grand old man of gay letters.

To say nothing of the fabulous Abdellah Taia, from Morocco, who puts new life into the gay coming-of-age story.

Or Alan Hollinghurst's Booker Winning The Line of Beauty, one of the greatest gay novels of our time.

The list is endless...

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