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July 12, 2014



May all good fortune attend you and your family. I have enjoyed this blog a great deal, and I am hoping that someday you will continue it. In the meantime, best to you and I'll keep checking.


Congratulations on becoming a father. May it bring you great joy. Thank you for your wonderful blog, which has given me so much pleasure and led me to a lot of good literature. I hope you will resume it, but even if you don't, thank you.

frank Regan

Please come back...

Mark Holmes

Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I hope you're getting some sleep, but can only imagine the amount of work attending a newborn. I hope to read your blog when you have time to write again. It's never too late to get the blog back up and running though; I'm sure I'm one of many who will check back in periodically to see when you return.


How many people check this blog everyday to see if you're coming back? I know I do.


I give thanks that you shared this blog with us.


Any news on whether the blog will be renewed?


Hoping 2015 brings the return of this blog...


Hope all is well and you can come back to blogging soon.

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