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August 17, 2012


Alex Snell

This seems pretty easy to explain: Ed, Chris, and Felice are old guys who wrote books relevant to old guys that were reviewed in publications read by old guys. Old-guy readers probably bought the books in a bookstore and think they are above Amazon reviews.

The new writers are young guys who wrote books relevant to young guys. The young-guy readers almost certainly bought the book from Amazon (probably for Kindle, so they can read it any time). Young guys like reading and sharing opinions in dialogue online, instead of being told what to think by the old-guy book reviewers on pension at heritage media corporations.

Sounds like a classic generation gap to me. Thanks for bringing these books to the attention of this guy who's teetering precariously between the old and the young.

Kergan Edwards-Stout

In addition to age, I think it says a lot about how information is shared these days. It used to be, living here on the West Coast, I couldn't have imagined a morning without the LA Times. I would get up and leisurely browse its articles and reviews. But I've long since let my subscription lapse, as everything I got from them I now get elsewhere, fast and free! (Especially as some news outlets are moving toward a pay for content model.)

Today, it is not just the paid critic who is a reviewer. With each "like" and share, we're following our friends and their tastes on facebook, twitter, goodreads, and amazon.

Unfortunately, what is lost now is critical review, as anyone and everyone can have their say--and many of those leaving reviews are friends of the author.

While in some respects having walls torn down can be good (especially for indie authors such as myself), it also means that in an even playing field, everyone is yelling loudly, trying to claim their space and piece of the pie. No gatekeepers = a whole lot of yelling!


Thanks so much for these. I'm leaving for Bermuda next week and need a few books for the beach. I just added The Fall to my reading list!

I wonder how price also comes into the mix. I was suprised how inexpensive these books are. And Amazon just told me I can borrow The Fall for free from the Prime member's library.

Self-promotion might help these authors get more reviews too. They really sell hand-to-hand asking for reviews. I'm looking forward to reading these -- thanks again for your site.

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