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August 15, 2012



Good article. Thanks for the lead.


F&#k mainstream America. It is better to be different. :)


I think we'll all be waiting to see how Anderson responds, don't you? I'm hoping for the best.


People in honest open relationships don't go around humiliating their partners with a public tryst in broad daylight. Open relationships have rules that are private to each couple.

But the writer just wants to write another tirade against "heteronormativity" and "judeo-christian morality" so I guess there's nothing stopping him.


No different than with any other complicated situation between 2 people gay/straight, hetero- norm, or homo-alternative...

Take care of your own house before you peek over the fence.

It is their business and NOT ours.

Healthy Relationship with Best Spot Town

On "Gossip Girl," not only did Dan hook up with a teacher in a previous season, Serena is now embroiled in a relationship with a man who was thrown in jail for a SUPPOSED affair WITH HER when she was his student.

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