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January 03, 2012


Steve N

Once again, my fine feathered BandofThebes I am going to take you to task for including only the Kindle link to ebooks, as I believe that Amazon is part of the problem. Here is why I choose to support Barnes & Noble Nook books (other than B&N being a past employer): first and most importantly, sales of Nooks and Nook Books help keep open the doors of the B&N physical bookstores through helping the company remain viable; when a Nook ereader is in a physical B&N store, one can read any B&N ebook for up to 1 hour per sitting, with no limit to the number of books one can read. The Nook will even keep your ebookmark for future sittings. This helps to draw customers into a physical bookstore and encourages wide-ranging browsing and reading, and there is nothing like being in a bookstore (or library) to foster book-reading habits; Nook users can also lend books to other Nook users, encouraging sharing of finds and tastes - one is more likely to read a book, oh writer-of-blogs, if someone you know and/or trust has recommended that book, which of course leads to further book reading. Amazon has gone down another path, where they actually reward their customers for not buying in a physical store and possibly even more damaging to retailing using their customers to collect data on competitors http://www.pcworld.com/article/245584/amazon_will_pay_customers_to_skip_brickandmortar_stores.html
By all means continue to supply the Kindle link to books you are mentioning, recommending or reviewing, but supply the B&N link, too.

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