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September 14, 2010



Your lovely, behind-the-comedy write-up about Nell Carter adds a lot to the very little I knew of her. For example...when she was set to appear with the Boston POPS Orchestra on PBS's 'Evening at POPS,' the public television series' producer called Carter's manager to say that someone would pick her up in a Volvo at Boston's Logan Airport, that there would not be a limousine because this was public television, low budget, etc. Her handler, an officious queen to say the least, retorted haughtily, "Well, if Miss Carter doesn't have a limo waiting, Miss Carter may not get off the plane." To which the producer replied, "Well, we may have to line the runway with chocolate cakes to get her off." So you can see why I was happy to learn that there was more to her than this frippery. I also knew that she put purple shadow between her breasts to enhance their appearance from the stage. For that alone she is a role model.

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